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cheap makeup sites Cheap Luxury Items outlet store to buy cheap makeup sites Sale fansedge coupons Do you wear braces AND glasses? How can you work your eyeglasses in with your braces - without being too much? Enjoy this informative guide to understanding a better correlation between the two. Having to deal with too much metal in and around your face can be a bit overwhelming. Are you caught off guard by this statement? Well, you shouldn be! Earrings, eyeglasses, nose rings, necklaces, and of course: braces are just some of the metal details we have crowding our most precious features. While some of these accessories add extra flair and style to your daily look, like earrings and necklaces, sometimes they can be quite the nuisance. Glasses used to be a hated fashion accessory, but luckily as times go by they are not only becoming more accepted, but even a fashion statement in their own right! However, unfortunately the same cannot be said about braces. So, how can you make two of the worlds most hated metal [or plastic] fashion accessories - or rather: "medical tools" - work together without being overbearing? Here are some tips for doing just that; let discuss... For several decades, the use of eyeglasses was automatically associated with being a 'nerd'. Further, the combination of braces and glasses only tagged someone even faster, and it became even more certain that you would fall under that unfortunate stereotype. While dental correction hasn faired as well as vision correction in making a different name for itself, there are ways to still pull off braces - possibly even with the help of eyeglasses! They come in so many different styles, shades, shapes, and materials! So when youe shopping for new eyeglasses, and don want them competing with your metallic braces, you can choose something that is fun and colorful. You don want to be too matchy when it comes to the two; so if you can change the material type for your eyeglasses, that may be best. Go for a funky and hip thick plastic pair of glasses for the popular Hipster look. Just don worry too much because again, there are endless styles for you to choose from when selecting your new glasses. Glasses give the immediate portrayal that the wearer is intelligent. Since there is now such a large supply of different options for vision correction, your glasses will make you look smarter and cooler! One great way to take the attention away from your 'metal mouth' is makeup. Keep your lip color clean and simple with glosses or neutral colors. Soft and light colors are great choices for eyeshadow to help you do just that! Or, you can make your eyes bigger and bolder, with bright colors - much like what MAC makeup is best known for. However, you certainly want to be careful with your eye makeup when wearing glasses, of course. Stay away from clumpy black mascara as it can come off on your lenses for a whole new set of problems... If youe constantly wishing that your braces would simply start blending into your mouth, go for clear bands instead of bright colors. Remember, you want your eyeglasses and braces to correlate well with each other - not stand against each other! You could certainly invest in several pairs of cheap eyeglasses. This will not only give you numerous fun outfits and their respective matching accessories, but also allow you to try various combinations of correlating your braces and glasses frames. To get the best deal on quality prescription glasses, youe got to get online eyeglasses! Good luck! Hillary Glaser is a social networking specialist and expert in cross-media promotion, currently working on promoting prescription eyeglasses. She is the Director of Marketing and Special Projects for - the easiest way to buy glasses online, which now offers free shipping on all US orders with the code FreeShip10. fansedge coupons

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